Hi, there. My name is Landon.

As a computer engineering student at Utah State University, I spend my days studying, designing, testing, and creating engineered systems. Of late, I have been researching formal methods at Utah State University.

Research Interests

My research interests include formal verification methods like model checking, Property-Directed Reachability (IC3), counterexample generation, and automated inductive proofs. My research currently focuses on verifying properties of probabilistic models (including synthetic biological systems) as part of the multi-university FLUENT Verification Project. I primarily research under the excellent mentorship of Zhen Zhang at Utah State University.

Read more about my research.


As I have developed engineering skills, I have built a handful of semi-interesting projects. Highlights include hundreds of thousands of Sudoku puzzles, a number of "random thing generators", and more. These are available on my Projects page and my GitHub profile.

Open-Source Philosophy

My projects are all open-source, and I do my best not to require proprietary software prerequisites. Open-source software is better for everyone, and providing my projects free is my small way of giving back to a community that has poured resources into teaching me.